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Caravan Transport - M J White European

Transport of caravans, mobile homes and static homes to Europe.


Our Services

We offer an extensive service moving holiday or residential, single and twin units, from site to site, and direct from manufacturers. With our specially built trailers we can carry anything from a 10ft wide holiday home to a section of twin unit 50ft long and more. We have a full and detailed understanding of all the paperwork involved in obtaining abnormal load permits, along with our in house escort vehicles.

As one of a few mobile home transporters who deliver overseas, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to also get some of the bigger park and holiday homes to destinations in Europe.

It goes without saying that we are fully insured.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer care with 24/7 availability. The customer can speak to us at any time during the transport of their home.

Transport of caravans, mobile homes and static homes to Europe.

100% insured and safe

The Complete Service

The most important part of our business is that it’s a complete A to B service. We do not take the home off our lorry at any point, so it is always 100% insured and safe. We load in the UK and travel to the port we ship from, we drive the home onto the ferry and off the other end direct to the destination. Therefore it is not left unattended on a dock where it could be broken into, damaged by dock traffic or towed about by a tug that can be a little rough and not very respectful of people’s homes.

We are equipped to offer a specialised de-siting and siting service, be it for single units or twin unit residential or holiday homes.


Transport of caravans, mobile homes and static homes to Europe.


Siting and Desiting

With our staff having the necessary expertise and experience, we are more than happy to assist with the de-siting and siting requirements of both new and used, single or twin units. Having the benefit of top quality equipment fitted to our siting vehicles, even the most difficult of situations can be overcome.