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UK Europe transport services for caravans, twin units, holiday homes
A lifetime of experience

M.J White European is a family run business, owned and operated by its founding director, Michael White. The company is based on Michael’s lifetime experience specialising in the transport of caravans, mobile homes, park homes and static holiday homes throughout the UK and Europe.

The team includes Michael’s son James who has recently gained his HGV license and is proudly walking in his father’s foot steps to become a highly skilled transport specialist, and Michael’s wife Kim who is an admin goddess and a true expert at organising all the customs paperwork and permits relating to each project.

Together the three operate a tightly knit, professional and reliable haulage and transportation business offering the highest standards of transport.

Michael White

“After over 35 years in the industry, I can honestly say that I still love it. I'm incredibly lucky to have the support of my family behind me. We are a great team that delivers top notch service, and along the way we’ve transported a huge number of caravans to amazing customers in the UK and Europe. Each job is different, but they’re all equally important to us.”

Mike, MJ White European Caravan Transport
James White

“I love trucks and have been driving the escort vehicles for a while. Having recently acquired my HGV license, I am excited to expand my role in the company further, and be a real part of the business. All my childhood, I spent every spare moment going to work with my dad, waiting for the day when I could get behind the wheel myself. I love being on the road!”

James, MJ White European Caravan Transport
Kim White

“Our business aim is to offer the complete quality mobile home transport solution that customers can consistently rely upon. This means that I can put my love for organisation and administration in good use, and I take great pride in always sorting out all the required paperwork for each job. This means that the client doesn’t need to worry about a thing, and Michael and James have a smooth journey transporting the goods.  As you can see, my preferred mode of horse power has four legs, a mane and a tail!”

Kim, MJ White European Caravan Transport
Best mobile home transporters in the UK and Europe -
Specialised, bespoke trailers with air suspension

"Well done to both of you. We appreciate all the care you both have taken, it feels like the whole delivery to Portugal was done by personal friends."

Martin and Maggie, Portugal

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